In the spring of 2001, I spontaneously had my first vision during my initial Reiki treatment. My meditations grew in depth, complexity, and impact on me; I felt such peace and happiness when I was connected with Source. But I was unable to maintain my inner peace when outside meditation. My understanding of my Self was more intellectual than internal: I knew the first layers of my meditations’ meanings, I knew the “right” words, and was reading the “right” spiritual books but I had not incorporated these teachings into my life.

Unlike my spontaneous entry into the world of meditation, my journey to living with inner peace has taken time.
The Led by Grace series chronicles this process.

Led by Grace, the first book in the series, reveals meditations that show I am connected to Source. In the first year of my “schooling”, I am taught both to trust that I am indeed receiving guidance from Source but also to follow this guidance. My spiritual guides take the form of monks, Jesus, eagles, and wise women and men.

The Ley of the Land, the second book in the series, begins my process to apply these lessons. Peru becomes an extension of the classroom I have been in. My tour leaders—Shera, Chidakash, Puma, and Humberto—are my human guides while Inca priests become my spirit guides. But I also begin to receive guidance without form—a voice in my head, a knowing. My Peru trip is a series of mystical experiences along my path of Self-discovery.

The Led by Grace series spans an eight-year period concluding with my
925-kilometre pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in the fall of 2009.
I make significant progress to living with inner peace during this time. But my journey did not end then. It is wonderfully ongoing.

Writing is the latest chapter in Sandra’s life. Her time as a director and senior investment analyst for a major international firm and her life as a full-time mother of four children each played a role in nurturing this latest career.

Sandra lives in Wawa, Ontario on the shores of Lake Superior. She spends summers kayaking on this mighty lake, either on solo trips, with friends, or as a guide. Lake Superior’s shoreline is also home for her daily hiking and snowshoeing excursions.

“Living with chronic pain, I keep going back to Led by Grace again and again. It has been a life-saving resource.
When I read one of Sandra Lowe’s meditations, I become deep in the meditation myself—and I am pain free.”
— Shelley Duplessis-Skouris, Medical Attendant

Led by Grace is a treasure chest. The length of the meditations are perfect for creating a mindset for my contemplative time. While each meditation is accompanied by an interpretation, the reader is given the liberty to infer their own meaning, dependent upon current personal events and life circumstances. It speaks of divine love, self-acceptance and trust in universal consciousness, and if the reader allows, opens up a dialogue with one’s own soul.”
— Ann Simard, Pharmacist, MSc. Energy Medicine

“A page turner … By crossing the innumerable bridges of life and trusting (letting go),
Sandra Lowe has travelled metaphorically and spiritually to places I can only imagine.”
— Rodney Sim, Investment Executive (Ret)