20130804_145936I was recently hiking to a large pristine waterfall that cascades down a 150 foot drop. I had been here before but this time the water levels were the highest I’d seen. At the very edge of one of the ledges was a perfectly round hole in the rock that was large enough to curl up into. The sound of the falls was deafening, but when you entered this “womb”, silence surrounded you—all was quiet except for the gentle rhythmic vibration of Mother Earth.

The difference was incredible and beautiful, and it struck me as an analogy for life. As we go about our daily lives, the roar of the “noise” around us—the to-do lists, the problems we need to resolve, the deadlines and demands—can become all-consuming and all that we hear and see. But when we enter that place within us, when we connect with our Soul, we feel at peace, perfectly serene, and gently rocked in the “womb of our Being”. If we can find this “hole in the rock”, and stay there, the  “noise of life” changes to a lovely melody.