I had the privilege of being on a 3-day solo hiking trip last week. I came upon a majestic white pine. In Native American teachings, white pine brings serenity to those in its “aura”. It was so tall that you had to crane your neck upwards to see its foliage. At its base was a small arched “doorway” with a much smaller opening on the opposite side. There was a soft bed of wood shavings inside. This majestic white pine was full of live despite being hollow for I don’t know how far up its trunk. I crawled in and stood up. The space was as wide as my extended elbows and higher than my up-stretched arms. I was completely embraced inside a living white pine! There was total silence, not a sound of any kind; there was no light, no smell, no taste, no feeling—all of my five body senses were “turned off”. And with the absence of my five senses, so too went my thoughts. Only my third eye was “turned on”, and I was immediately drawn into a deep meditative state. I was in the void; I was in complete communion with spirit. Nature took me to the place that we enter when we stop our thoughts. It was a great blessing.