Yesterday, I drove five hours to Sault Ste. Marie (the Soo) and back to pick up 23 free-range chickens from a small farm. (There are no towns between Wawa and the Soo. It is the longest uninhabited section of the Trans-Canada Highway.)

When I first moved to Wawa 28 years ago and heard that people drove all the way to the Soo for the day, I was incredulous. And even more so when they were going down to just pick something up! Now I was doing just that, and without hesitation. I also remember thinking it was so strange that everyone went home for lunch. After working in downtown Toronto and Ottawa, this felt so unusual.

It is all a matter of perspective. I have become fully immersed in the reality of living in a small town. The same thing happens when we change our perspective, our thinking, about Who we are. When we can see through the lens of love and forgiveness, we soon embrace the perspective of our new “location”. It soon becomes very natural and flowing.