Attachment to outcome holds us captive, whether we perceive that outcome to be positive or negative. It is often determined by what we want based on some external measurement or by the past.

Before leaving on my marketing trip, I knew this intellectually; I could say that I was not attached to how many people attended my presentations or how many books I sold. But if I were being honest with myself and you, it did matter to me. I was concerned with my book inventory, and therefore, how many people came to my presentations. But as my speaking engagements continued, a wonderful and incredible thing happened. My attachment to this outcome dissolved—and freedom evolved. I did not happen because I told myself I needed to change, that my “goals” were not being met. I believe it happened because I was living what I was speaking about in my presentations. Numbers did not matter; those attending and buying were exactly right. Attachment simply disappeared, and in its place total freedom and peace filled me. When we can bring awareness from our mind to our hearts, we experience the joy of freedom.