How my day looks has been taken completely out of my hands. I was scheduled to go to SSM today but nature has determined otherwise. High winds and icy roads have closed the road. I am actually happy for the road closure—it eliminates all the wondering as to whether I should head out in this bad weather. I need to call and reschedule all the appointments I had in SSM but I am looking at this day as an opportunity to continue my writing. I am almost finished a section of my next book, and now I can work on it without interruption. Admittedly, I did not have a plane to catch but I have decided that nothing is so set in stone that I can’t go with the flow when plans change for whatever reason. And if something is set in stone, to make contingency plans. Not needing to be in control of things I cannot, being flexible, and looking at the bright side is so freeing, and makes life so much easier. So who’s really in control of how my day will be? I am.