In early November, I received an amaryllis kit as a gift. The kit included a large bulb, a small pot and an even smaller amount of soil. I planted it according to the instructions and watered it as directed. Nothing happened for quite some time. But eventually greenery started to appear and I rotated it daily to evenly get the sun. At first, the growth seemed slow but as the weeks went by, it rose like Jack in the Beanstalk to about two feet. It was at this point the patience was really required. The flowers seemed to be ready to burst open at any minute but it still took over a week for them to begin to show themselves … and then the other day, such beauty greeted me.

This experience of planting a seed, nurturing it, and having patience reminds me of our journey to love through forgiveness. We start with the willingness to forgive ourselves and others (even if it seems that our “capability” is not big enough, our soil too little), plant it in fertile ground of an open heart, nurture it with prayer/meditation/spiritual books, turn it so that all angles reach the Light, and have patience and understanding that Spirit will answer our willingness. When we blossom to love, we share our gift with the world.