As a species, humans in general have viewed Mother Earth as theirs for the taking. When we were small in number, our impact on the environment was not as great. But our current energy requirements (exacerbated by how we are now retrieving some fossil fuels and our problem of nuclear waste disposal), our need for more land to expand our cities, and our factory farms both on land and sea to name a few have created our current perilous situation of global warming, the daily extinction of species, the problem of wild animals around our communities, and the quality and safety of our food sources.

When we will learn to see the earth as a gift to be cherished and treated with respect, and used from a perspective of sustainability? Mother Earth is fighting back with ever greater weather patterns, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and tsunamis. Our environmental groups are doing a good job of taking up the challenge but we all need to stand up and say STOP—both in our own ways and the ways of our society.

Human impact