We can’t live without it; about 70% of both our body and Earth’s surface is water; it is the only common substance that can be a liquid, solid or gas; it provides our major transportation routes.

Water is mentioned 57 times in my book Led by Grace. In my meditations, I cross rivers, dive into my body filled with water, am a scuba diver, at waterfalls, paddle narrow rivers, and bathe in Divine water. Water is a symbol for Grace. The following three excerpts from the book highlight this symbolism.

“Regardless of whether we are operating in our ego mind, we are always surrounded by, and part of, God, Source Energy, our True Nature—here symbolized as water. As a scuba diver, I have been living with the ego belief that I am not part of the ocean but separate from it—and separate from every other “scuba diver.” I live artificially because I believe in that which I am not—separate. … We need to take off our “scuba tanks” to understand that we are living in Spirit that embraces us, envelops us, and infuses us with the peace and tranquility of being a particle of the ocean. There is nothing stronger than water. We are Grace.” Pages 38-39

“When I see the unity of the religions—and that the baptism is a universal cleaning and connection to the Divine—I feel comfortable with entering the baptismal waters of Oneness. There, I am cleansed of my gold skin, my attachment to this ego world.” Page 61

“When I look at myself in the Water of the Divine, I see my radiance, my glowing Essence, my Wholeness. When I drink It, the energy surges through my body. When I enter this Water naked, I fully commune with It. All of my possessions of this world are stripped away—my clothing, attitudes, and discontent. I bathe in the warmth and strength of Divine Water. Within my heart is my strength and comfort.” Page 74