Today I hiked the Peat Mountain trail in Lake Superior Park. There is an optional 2 km loop that takes you to a small opening at the top of a sheer cliff down to Foam Lake. I love to sit here and gaze out over Foam Lake and the cascading hills separating it from Lake Superior beyond. I have hiked this trail for 30 years and sit here each time I come, usually for long periods to meditate and simply absorb the incredible view. Perhaps an eagle will fly over the lake but not much else changes in the scene … except for the same event the last two times I was here.

Three days ago and again today, a red-tailed hawk flew straight up right next to the cliff wall with its back facing me and its head cocked to the side. It wasn’t fast; it reminded me of a movie with a helicopter rising up over the cliff. The sun reflected and amplified the reddish-orange flared tail, and I could see all of its feathers, its eye and beak clearly. Both times I had an in-breath of amazement.

Is there some meaning for me in these two unusual, repeated events so close together? I think yes. In Native American medicine, hawk is messenger. There is something I am to notice and receive. I am to be open to the signs, the synchronicities that enter my day. It may be subtle or dramatic but it is something that will help guide me to where I am to go, what I am to say, do or think.

Noticing synchronicities, chance encounters, coincidences are guideposts on our journey.