A friend and I just returned from a week kayaking the shoreline of Georgian Bay around Killarney. The pink smooth rocks were a sight for the eyes and the heart. The incredibly warm water invited us in several times a day and was a huge psychological benefit when the waves were high and crashing over the boat. You might dump but you’re not going to get hypothermia J.

One of our many highlights was when two people in a small motorboat came to shore and offered us a large fish they had caught over their limit but couldn’t throw back because the hook was caught in the fish.

“Do you have any lemon?” they asked. We didn’t and so they return to their camp and brought us back a lemon. Neither of us had ever filleted a fish but my friend did an amazing job and we cooked up an incredible feast.

Giving, whether we have more than we need, we have finished with something, can’t use it—or, and this is most important—we see someone in need, is a gift to both the giver and the receiver.