She can speak in a whisper or a mighty roar. Her whispers take the form of a calm lake, the stillness of the air. In her lowest whisper, we often don’t hear but only see Her communicating. She speaks louder and the leaves blow in the gentle breeze, ripples on the water wash gently to shore. We are cooled by the breeze, refreshed by the aromas of nature around us. Gaining strength in Her voice, the trees sway, the waves crash to shore and we acknowledge Her Presence even more.

She speaks louder and louder until she bellows to her extreme, and we experience hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes with the resultant flooding, destroyed property, infrastructure—and loss of life.

Winter storm Jonas has hit the east coast of the US and crossed the Atlantic to the UK. We can prepare for these natural events; we can protect ourselves and our property as best we can, but Mother Earth will decide the ultimate result. We know where She will most likely speak the loudest. And she is speaking louder and louder. In my book The Ley of the Land, Puma says, “Mother Earth will always protect Herself.”

We would do will to honour Her and do all we can as individuals to protect our cherished environment. And by example, spread our habits to our communities and countries.