Two synchronicities shaped my day today—the first was discovering something was missing and the second resulted in a change in my reaction to it.  About 5:00 pm I finally received a document that I expected to received some time ago. I randomly picked a page to check the header but clearly the universe was selecting the page☺. It was the ONLY page in the entire document that was missing a header!
I began writing a factual, polite-enough email response but it was laced with my frustration. As I was finishing up, an email came in, which I bothered to open before pushing the send button. Today is Chotrul Ducher, the first of four Tibetan Buddhist annual festivals commemorating events in the Buddha’s life. During this festival, the effects of positive and negative actions are multiplied ten million times. If I sent the email I wrote, my frustration would be magnified ten million times. And so I rewrote the email from a place of love. The facts did not change but the energy of the email changed; the words and feeling behind the words were from the heart. I feel good. Seeing the issue through love created an action that I wish to have multiplied ten million times!