I am excited to announce the release of my second book, “The Ley of the Land: A Journey Through the Energy Centres of Earth and Body”. It is the story of my physical and mystical journey through the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley of the Inca. I describe the lay of the land—the terrain, the ruins—but also the ley of the land—invisible lines that join energy centres.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, an author’s heart and soul lies in the words on the page. When I launched my first book, “Led by Grace: In the Beginning”, I felt some trepidation about opening myself up to the world but this quickly transformed into peace and joy. For my second book, I feel only excitement, as I understand the joy sharing brings. It is through telling our stories that we become strong, and in hearing others’ stories that we grow.

I hope you enjoy my story, and would love to hear from you.