Introducing “The Ley of the Land”

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I am excited to announce the release of my second book, “The Ley of the Land: A Journey Through the Energy Centres of Earth and Body”. It is the story of my physical and mystical journey through the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley of the Inca. I describe the lay of the […]

Wonder of the Night Sky

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This photo is clearly not of the night sky but it reminds me of the Milky Way stretching across the sky in a beautiful arc. The Milky Way is mesmerizing, captivating people throughout time all over the world. Cultures have depended upon it, lived by it and woven its constellations into their spiritual beliefs.

While kayaking […]

The Golden Rule

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This poster is on the door going in and out of my house. “The Golden Rule” overlays Earth in the centre and related texts of thirteen of the world’s faith traditions surround it. I bought it when I was in Toronto for five days at the Kalachakra […]

The Blessing of Synchronicites

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Two synchronicities shaped my day today—the first was discovering something was missing and the second resulted in a change in my reaction to it.  About 5:00 pm I finally received a document that I expected to received some time ago. I randomly picked a page to check the header but clearly the universe was selecting the page☺. […]

Rosukon, my incredible elephant

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On my trip to Thailand in December, I had the wonderful opportunity to live for three days at Elephantstay, a working camp and refuge for elephants. Each of us had our own elephant to ride and care for—feed, wash, clean the area, and walk her to her bed […]

The Falling Canadian Dollar

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Fueled by falling oil prices, the Canadian dollar is at a historic low against the US dollar; bad news for Canada’s unemployment rate, food prices, imports, and for those travelling outside of the country.

Nothing lasts forever. Impermanence in our physical world is assured. It is how we weather the difficult cycle, without knowing how long […]

The Refugee Crisis

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The Syrian refugee crisis has been forefront of the news and our humanitarian compassion. Millions of Syrians have fled their worn-torn country, fearing for their lives. They seek safety, peace, and the chance to live without fear and disruption.

To varying degrees, how many of us feel we need to flee our lives; we feel lost, […]

Mother Earth Speaks

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She can speak in a whisper or a mighty roar. Her whispers take the form of a calm lake, the stillness of the air. In her lowest whisper, we often don’t hear but only see Her communicating. She speaks louder and the leaves blow in the gentle breeze, ripples on the water wash gently to […]

Fresh Fish Giveaway

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A friend and I just returned from a week kayaking the shoreline of Georgian Bay around Killarney. The pink smooth rocks were a sight for the eyes and the heart. The incredibly warm water invited us in several times a day and was a huge psychological benefit when the waves were high and crashing over […]

A Messenger

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Today I hiked the Peat Mountain trail in Lake Superior Park. There is an optional 2 km loop that takes you to a small opening at the top of a sheer cliff down to Foam Lake. I love to sit here and gaze out over Foam Lake and the cascading hills separating it from Lake […]