Led by Grace:
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Ponder This
Led by Grace
by Sandra M. Lowe

In this column, we’d like to introduce you to a new family of authors.These are the writers who have followed their innermost dreams and taken the quest to make a difference in the world with their self-published works. We invite you to sample and enjoy their words here…

“Spirit is in a state of grace forever. Your reality is only spirit. Therefore, you are in a state of grace forever.”
—A Course in Miracles

Embarking on an inward journey of awareness may initially be painful. If we see this as the cleansing that it is, we will be better able to remain steadfast in our quest for Inner Peace. We need to look at what we have hidden—what keeps us captive to low self-esteem and self-worth—so that we see it with the eyes of vision and diminish its force over us.

We need to paint our Self-portrait with a brush that knows our Inner Beauty. How have we drawn our portrait? This will reflect how we will draw the portraits of others. If these portraits resemble anything but our magnificent Inner Beauty, then they are being colored by the paint of the ego, which would have us think that we are not good enough in countless ways. We need to stare at the blank page before us with the willingness and conviction that what we begin to draw with vision will be our True Self. When we can see our Self-portrait as such, we will see it in others—even if they are, as yet, unable to paint it themselves.

Most of us are wearing armor or building barriers to protect ourselves. But these things are only protecting our bodies; our Soul needs no protection since it will never be harmed by anything of this world. When we drop the barriers, we become vulnerable, not to potential threat, but to exposing our Self. In doing so, we become “safer” than we ever imagined.


Sandra M. Lowe says she has been searching for something most of her life. She didn’t really know what it was until she had her first Reiki treatment. When she started experiencing visions of familiar settings and spiritual guides, Sandra grabbed a pen and started writing. These journal entries became the key to Sandra’s quest to get to know her true Self. They are also the focus of her new book, Led by Grace, which is the first in a collection of books that will guide readers to their Soul—to know it, to be it. Writing is Sandra’s third career. Her first was director/senior investment analyst and the second was a full-time mother of four children. An avid reader of Hay House’s Present Moments newsletter, Sandra lives in Wawa, Ontario and spends much of her time in the pristine natural environment of the area writing, doing yoga and meditating.

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